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Top 6 Remote Desktop Apps For Android

Top 6 Remote Desktop Apps For Android
September 25
11:08 2020

Faced with the new realities of working from home, chaotic virtual online classes of kids and lack of physical contact with friends, family and even business partners, it is significant we all need remote desktop apps for Android. And nothing could get more natural than doing all this, staying safely hunkered down at home.

The Remote Desktop application allows you to connect and take control of your PC on the go when you can’t physically be at the same place as the remote PC. With a little know-how and internet connectivity at both the ends, you are all set to take remote control of any other PC( provided you own the PC or you have the permission to access the other person’s PC). It is one arena that has seen an enormous leap since its inception.

So, if you are still toying around hunting for some reliable remote desktop apps for Android?

Here goes the list of some top-rated and incredible remote desktop apps that will help you remotely access a PC from a phone, tablet, or any other computer – anywhere and anytime.

TeamViewer For Android

TeamViewer is one of the most established and reliable remote desktop applications. It allows users to access and share their desktop regardless of their operating system. The app supports most of the major platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. It comes with both a free and paid version. The free version is more than sufficient to assist friends and family members with system issues through desktop sharing. The paid version is perfect for the corporate environment to collaborate and to remotely provide support to clients and more. Nonetheless having a commercial license would open more features for corporate usage.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop is the quickest and the most recommended remote desktop app. The app offers an array of exceptional features that include access to up to 5 PCs via your Splashtop account, experience the pleasure of audio streaming & real-time video, play videos, and listen to music tracks only on your PC. An additional bonus if you are a gamer, this app is among the most solid remote desktop apps for you as it allows you to play 3D and flash games.

YouTube Remote

YouTube Remote is a feature-rich app with gobs of delightful features for its users. Remote access doesn’t always necessarily have to be about experiencing muddled arrangements to get access to your remote PC. This app is all about merely turning your Android device into a remote control. The YouTube Remote converts your Android tablets and smartphones as a remote to control YouTube videos streaming on a computer or Internet TV. A very efficient method mainly for systems that are connected to an external display screen like a TV by an analog or HDMI cable. With the YouTube Remote app, you can easily access and control YouTube videos without any hassle.

VLC Remote

Talking of media player, VLC Media player is the first to dart on the mind and is commonly found on almost all our Android devices. Its broad support for many formats and ease of access has made it gain massive popularity among users. Analogically, VLC Remote is no strange except for the fact that it provides remote access support and control to your VLC Media Player. VLC Remote permits you to control the VLC media player over various platforms including a PC, Mac, Windows, or Linux. The free version itself offers plenty much like control options for volume, play, pause and position of the track. Not to mention it also demos features of the paid version like audio track controls, delay option, access to external drives and file browsing.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Another familiar remote desktop app owned by the giant player Microsoft. The ease of usage and its straightforward approach makes it very convenient to users. It follows the necessary two steps; (1) Install the client on your computer, (2) Install the Microsoft Remote App on your phone, and you’re good to go. The two should let your devices connect to each other. Works remarkably similar and is a very tough competitor to Chrome Remote Desktop. Though it doesn’t differ much from the Chrome Remote Desktop, it is a great free alternative to it. The best part is that the app saves you from Google chrome installation to work on Windows devices.

Chrome Remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is arguably the best and most widely used remote control app that lets you take control of your personal computer from a distance. It has plenty of rich features that includes customizable control, easy and quick data, and file sharing, adding several devices simultaneously in the app and multiple platform support like Windows, Mac, Linux, and another operating system. It is a no brainer remote app, that lets you access your PC from anywhere across the globe.

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Take it for a spin – Download from here!

Which is your favourite among these remote desktop apps? Have I missed out on something important? Do Comment below — I would love to hear from you!



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