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Top Tips for Better Cyber-Security in Business

Top Tips for Better Cyber-Security in Business
May 17
11:02 2021

Cyber-security has never been more important. There are literally millions of cyber-attack attempts taking place every single day, and businesses of all kinds can be targeted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a global conglomerate or a small retail startup, there will always be people out there who may make attempts to break through your cyber defenses and infiltrate your networks.

Downtime, data leaks, and successful hacking attempts can all be disastrous for your company, and there are many examples of businesses losing huge amounts of money and having their reputations tarnished completely after falling victim to these kinds of attacks, which is why it’s so vital to take action now and put the best possible barriers in place to avoid attacks altogether.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different cyber-security solutions and tools out there nowadays to choose from, including everything from professional ‚ÄúSecurity as a Service‚ÄĚ companies that can take care of company security on your behalf to state-of-the-art software solutions for dealing with viruses and malware too.

This guide will cover some top tips to give your company the best chance of staying safe in the digital world.

Invest in Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has generated a lot of hype and attention in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The cloud offers incredible, unprecedented advantages for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and its introduction represents a seismic shift in the way data will be handled and operations will be carried out in the years to come.

All over the globe, leading companies are investing heavily in cloud technology, switching to cloud-based security, cloud-based servers, cloud-based directory services for a domainless enterprise, and more. There are immense security advantages to be gleaned from this, as cloud infrastructure can offer peerless protection against all kinds of cyber-attacks and keep your data safer than ever.

Make the Most of Firewalls and VPNs

Two of the most integral components of any solid cyber-security strategy have to be firewalls and VPNs. A firewall is a must-have, helping to identify and block suspicious traffic and activity trying to access your networks and devices, and giving you greater control in terms of who can actually access your company’s servers and files.

A VPN (virtual private network) is of equal, if not superior, significance. VPNs essentially encrypt user connections and mask the IP addresses of the devices they’re installed on. This means that those devices become impossible to track and the connections become infinitely stronger, which can prove invaluable for remote workers trying to access company files from unsecured locations.

Always Have Solid Anti-Malware Solutions

One of the biggest threats to your business is malware. There are countless forms of malware out there, from simple viruses and worms that can subtly infect devices and provide backdoor control to outside users to the latest and most dangerous ransomware threats that can essentially lock users out of their devices until a ‚Äúransom‚ÄĚ has been paid.

Any virus or piece of malware can do a lot of damage to a company’s network, and it’s very easy for these little files and programs to sneak their way onto your systems if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, strong anti-malware and antivirus security suites are equipped to identify and eliminate these threats at the touch of a button, but it’s vital to make sure you’ve got a strong program that can keep up with the latest threats.

Keep Everything Updated

Updates for your programs and systems are released on a regular basis, and it’s not uncommon for users to be greeted with update notifications and alerts on a daily basis when making use of high-end systems and dozens of different programs to carry out their day to day operations. Unfortunately, it’s also very common for users to delay or ignore these updates for their own convenience.

This can be a huge mistake. Many updates contain key fixes for bugs or security weaknesses in your programs and systems that hackers may attempt to exploit. It’s vital to keep everything updated in order to make sure that the security of your devices is as strong as possible, and if you wait too long to get updates installed, you might fall victim to a hacking attempt in the meantime.

Employee Training

When it comes to cyber-security, one of the golden rules is to make sure that your employees have a good understanding of cyber threats and defenses, because studies show that a lot of cyber attacks actually take place when negligent or ill-informed employees make mistakes or fall victim to simple scams.

Even if you have the best anti-malware and super effective security tools installed across your devices and networks, your entire defenses can be undone from within if an employee accidentally gives away their account password or shares sensitive files in the wrong place. It’s absolutely vital, therefore, to train employees on proper cyber-security practices and make sure everyone knows the basics on things like strong passwords, avoiding phishing scams, using VPNs, and so on.

Bring in the Professionals

It’s not always possible for business owners to understand the unique complexities of the cyber-security world. There are so many threats out there and new forms of malware being made all the time, it can be tricky to keep up, especially if you’re a busy businessperson with a lot of roles and responsibilities. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle it all alone. There are professionals out there who can help.

Many companies seek out the services of cyber-security specialists and experts who can offer a range of services to help your business. There are consultancy firms, for example, who can take a look at your current security setup and analyze areas of weakness or strength to suggest improvements, as well as pros who can come in and educate your employees and managers on key matters regarding cyber-security.

Final Word

Cyber-security is of grave importance in modern times and needs to be taken seriously by every business owner. Keep these tips in mind as you work towards strengthening your cyber defenses.



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