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Vedic Astrology favors Donald Trump!

October 05
21:59 2016

A million dollar question that engulfs the mind of all Americans is – Who will be the US Next President? Millions across the world were glued to the TV watching the first Presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the consensus that emerged was that Clinton scored over Trump.
The post Debate opinion poll too indicated that Clinton widened her margin a bit but even now many feel that the balance can tilt in anybody’s favor by the time the November election takes place. It is in this context it would-be interesting to get some clue – non political of course – that could possibly point at the likely winner
Astrologers do peep into the planetary movements and interpret the charts that could favor one over here. We have Jatin Patel, our astrologer columnist, offering his view here indicating that Donald Trump could emerge as the next US President.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

One of the central tenets of Vedic Astrology is the location of the various planets at the time of birth and for the purposes of this exercise the corresponding time of the US Presidential Election.
In this particular analysis we have the date of birth, and birthplace but not the actual time of birth which is necessary for a thoroughly accurate reading. However, utilizing a systems approach we will examine the planets by themselves and their strength to decipher which candidate has the ultimate edge to prevail.
In instances where time of birth is absent, we can gauge the proper birth (natal) chart by overall planet placement and the resulting owner of the house of placement.

Brief overview
In Vedic Astrology the horoscope consists of:
• 12 houses (of which 9 are good and 3 are bad)
• 12 signs (zodiac signs)
• Planets: Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Sun along with the 2 shadowy planets which are malefic (bad) for everyone in the world – Rahu, Ketu As we examine the two candidates, there is sufficient informationin the birth chart when read in conjunction with the current planetary position of planets also known as transit. In this case we will look at the transit on November 7 2016, where the planets are in relation to their birth chart comparing the planets strength at birth and transit.

We can only use the shadowy planets as malefic planets due to the fact we don’t know what other planets are malefic. We would know this if we had the time of birth. So, Rahu and Ketu can afflict (cause trouble to) the other planets. Moon will not be used as it moves too many degrees in one day.
Hillary Clinton outlook
Clinton’s birth chart shows the planets mars and sun debilitated (extreme weak power) and mercury is afflicted by Ketu. These three planets alone cause serious problems to health, her reputation and government position. Her planet Saturn is old and is not conducive to ruling masses of people. Clinton’s main concern at this moment is issue of health relating to cardiovascular and nervous system. Jupiter significator for husband aspect the Moon giving her status thru husband.
Donald Trump outlook

Trump has many weak planets and planets that are afflicted. The planet sun is in old age and also afflicted causing problems of cardiovascular system and digestion. Since the sun is the owner of Mars, Mars is also weak giving short temper, and promoting an attitude of superiority. He has two strong planets Jupiter and Mercury. The planet mercury gives him power of communication, reason, speech, sharp intellect. Basically intelligence with verbal and mental ability, also benefits of good sound judgment. Thru the contributions of planets Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Sun he has acquired huge amounts of wealth and acquired status thru his intellectual enterprises. The weakness of Venus brought him moments where his communication was not appreciated.

Another strong planet Jupiter, it signifies top political and administrative position – Chairman, advisor, and advisory roles.

Final prognosis
Now let’s look at where the planets will be on November 7 election day to see if they help or hurt the candidate. In transit the planet sun is debilitated (extreme weak) mercury is weak along with Venus.
Clinton’s natal chart and transit have the sun as extremely weak, and afflicted. Mercury is weak in transit and natal. Venus is weak in transit. Mars is exalted in transit (extreme power).

Trump has weak sun, afflicted Mercury and Venus. But a strong Jupiter, Saturn and exalted Mars (extreme power).

In summary both candidates corresponding charts are fraught with weakness and power. However, when comparing the charts, Trump has more strength of planets than Clinton.
Expect Trump to prevail to become the next president.

Jatin Patel



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