Vishal Bhagwati Jagran at Shivalaya Temple

Bhagwati Jagran in progress

Bhagwati Jagran in progress

BOSTON: A devotion filled Ma Vishal Bhagwati Jagran was organized by the Shivalaya Temple of Greater Boston on Friday July 22 from 7 pm with hundreds of devotees attending it.

Local artists coming from Greater Boston area participated in the event and mesmerized devotees with variety of devotional songs. Usha Kamalji and Shri Durga Temple Group were the main attraction of the Jagran.

Devotees, followers in large numbers from Medford and nearby areas gathered for their active participation on this occasion and take blessings of Goddess Vishal Bhagwati. Before the beginning of the program, varieties of spicy, salt and sweet snacks with hot tea were served to the devotees.

Vijay Kumar Selhi, President of the temple cordially invited all the devotees who came with their families and friends to the grand celebration of Ma Vishal Bhagwati Jagran. Ma Ka Bhawan’ (stage) was decorated with flowers and colorful lights besides proper arrangement of oil lamps. Temple priest, Pandit Jay Narayana Badal, performed puja with Vedic rituals and Mantras.

Well-known singers of the night through their Bhajans effortlessly described the various Leelas of Ma Devi (Shakti) that are infused with magnificent and thought provoking secrets of life. Bhajans depicted Devi as the Eternal Power (Shakti) that pervades the entire cosmos; she is the divine energy that manifests as the ultimate Creator, Protector and Destroyer.

The melodious Bhajans created a mystical and transcendental atmosphere in the temple hall and devotees of Greater Boston area also experienced spiritual bliss on the intervening night of Jagran.

Maha Mangalarati was performed with all religious observance and devoutness to Ma Vishal Bhagwati and to all the deities in the temple. Later, all the devotees were served with sumptuous Maha Prasadam prepared by Kabab Corner of Medford. A team of dedicated volunteers of the temple helped in serving food to the big crowd with respect and affection.

Sudarshan Ji thanked profusely the sponsors of the Jagran. The volunteers were praised by him for their dedicated services. “They are very dear to my heart and next to God,” Sudarshan Ji observed.

Geetha Patil