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Vmware Training Guide – Certifications & Career Path

Vmware Training Guide – Certifications & Career Path
October 20
10:57 2020

In one line, VMware enables better management of resources by allowing firms to run multiple OS and app workloads on a single server through virtualization of hardware.

In the IT industry where virtualization cuts down the load on a single machine, VMware certifications are more than just a qualification. They are coveted badges of honor that businesses look for while hiring. For professionals, especially those who work in data centres and have a business dependency on virtualization, VMware certifications are crucial for a scalable career.

What are VMware certifications?

VMware training prepares you for varying levels of advancement to help you hone enhance your virtualization skills. VMware training and courses are technology dependent. This means the course and certification changes when technology changes.

These courses provide the right platform for professionals to make a jump in their careers, with training sites like Koenig Solutions offering hands-on experience on various skills and understandings. There are six broad categories under which VMware certifications can be clubbed:

  1. Cloud Management and Automation
  2. Data Centre Virtualisation
  3. Desktop and Mobility
  4. Network Virtualisation
  5. Digital Business Transformation
  6. Digital Workspace

Each category has different certification levels for different professional and industrial levels:

  1. VCTA (VMware Certified Technical Associate) – Also known as the VCA (VMware Certified Associate), this level is for operators, for entry-level professionals just starting in the industry. These people mostly perform tasks delegated to them by their administrators.
  2. VCP (VMware Certified Professional) – This level is for administrators and engineers, those who install, manage and optimize VMware solutions.
  3. VCAP (VMware Certified Advanced Professional) – This level is for administrators, engineers, and also for architects. This level is for those who practice VCAP design and deployment, who design, build and optimize VMware solutions.
  4. VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert) – This is the highest level of certification, specifically designed for architects. It is much harder to get a VCDX certification than a VCAP certification.

VCA Certification:

The most relevant VCA certification is the VCA – Digital Business Transformation 2020 certification or the VCA-DBT 2020. It has been created for IT professionals who use VMware products that support VMware Cloud Foundation and cross-cloud architecture solutions like vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and the vRealise suite. It tests how you can define and describe vSAN solutions, the NSX solution, vSphere solutions, and others, along with how well you can recommend the right products to solve a customer’s problem.

This level does not require any prior experience, only a thorough understanding of what virtualization means.

VCP Certification:

There are 5 VCP certifications that are offered:

  1. Cloud Management and Automation 2020 (VCP-CMA 2020)
  2. Desktop and Mobility 2020 (VCP-DTM 2020)
  3. Digital Workspace 2020 (VCP-DW 2020)
  4. Data Centre Virtualisation (VCP-DCV 2020)
  5. Network Virtualisation 2020 (VCP-NV 2020)

The VCP-CMA 2020 certification is designed for professionals who configure and administer a VMware vRealise environment. This VMware Cloud Certification can play a vital role in landing jobs in the industry after training.

The VCP-DTM 2020 certification has been created for IT professionals who design, install and manage a VMware Horizon with View employment, on a vSphere configuration. The VCP-DW 2020 certification is meant for professionals who configure, manage, and do basic troubleshooting for VMware Workspace ONE and similar related solutions.

The VCP-DCV certification has been made for professionals who troubleshoot and administer vSphere infrastructures, using best industry practices to provide steady and reliable virtualization solutions and platforms for organizations.

The VCP-NV 2020 certification has been designed for professionals who configure and administer VMware NSX virtual networking implementations.

VCAP Certification:

VCAP is an advanced level certification, aimed at IT professionals who design and deploy VMware solutions. There are 7 VCAP certifications offered:

  1. VCAP-DCV Design 2020
  2. VCAP-DCV Deploy 2020
  3. VCAP-NV Deploy 2020
  4. VCAP-CMA Deploy 2020
  5. VCAP-CMA Design 2020
  6. VCAP-DTM Deploy 2020
  7. VCAP-DTM Design 2020

These are more advanced levels of the VCP certification. They include creating conceptual designs and creating physical and logical designs from existing conceptual designs in the VCAP Design certifications. The VCAP Deploy certifications check for creation and deployment capabilities within existing network infrastructures while checking for performance, recoverability and security.

VCDX Certification:

Earning a VCDX certification is not easy. This mandates that candidates must earn VCAP credentials as well as create and defend a design solution.

Career Paths:

India’s data center infrastructure spending is set to reach USD 2.8Bn in 2020. With remote working becoming the new norm, companies are quickly embracing virtualisation. This is the best time to steer your career towards virtualization.



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