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What are the Benefits of Playing Competitive Scrabble?

What are the Benefits of Playing Competitive Scrabble?
August 02
13:44 2021

Scrabble is a very popular word game that is played between 2-4 players and is usually considered as a family game that is played between the members of the family on a rainy day or on weekends. In the past few years, more and more people have started taking an interest in Competitive Scrabble, and just like Competitive Chess, Competitive Scrabble also requires dedication, practice, training, and time to emerge as a leading player.

What is Competitive Scrabble?

Competitive Scrabble is just regular Scrabble but the only major difference is that you are playing it on a competitive level against players that have a higher skill set than regular players. In Competitive Scrabble, the thinking behind every move that is made is significantly much higher than regular Scrabble. 

Benefits of Competitive Scrabble

Playing Competitive Scrabble is not only fun but has different cognitive and social benefits along with the most obvious benefit, expansion of vocabulary. Some of the benefits of playing competitive scrabble are as under:

Expanded Vocabulary

Playing Competitive Scrabble has the most obvious benefit which is an expanded vocabulary. It is a fun way to learn the English language and also some difficult words from other languages which are also added in the Scrabble dictionary. When you play Scrabble for a while then you don’t have a hard time understanding difficult texts/

New Life Experiences 

Another benefit of playing competitive scrabble is that you get the opportunity to travel abroad, have new life experiences, meet new people, and expand your opportunities as much as possible. 

Stress Buster

Scrabble is also a very good stress buster because not only is your mind engaged in playing the game but you also get to bond with other players that you are playing. 

Confidence Boost

When playing Scrabble you get a feeling of satisfaction regardless of whether you win the game or lose the game. When you are able to anagram high-scoring words then you instantly get that feeling of satisfaction and a confidence boost that makes Scrabble different from the rest of the games.

Although Competitive Scrabble requires a lot of time, practice, and training it is totally worth it. You can easily practice the game online on a similar game, Words With Friends that has the same rules as Scrabble or you can take help from tools such as Scrabble Word Finder that help you better understand the game. Playing Scrabble is fun and is also good for your health, the psycho-social benefits of playing the game contribute to long-term health benefits that are visibly seen in people of all ages.



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