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What are the clever ways to make your video go viral on YouTube

What are the clever ways to make your video go viral on YouTube
March 25
20:40 2020

Today, we will discuss some clever ways to make your YouTube video go viral with some examples. Let’s get into it!  

Use Effective Hashtags:

Not only do they use a call to action to share, but you can also use effective hashtags with your video. Also, you can link to all of their social sites to push for more direct interactions. A custom website for the occasion is the icing on an already delicious cake. For example, Pokemon hits its audience hard with an effective hashtag. The fact that this commercial played during Super Bowl 50 is also noteworthy. 

They hyped it up before the big game using the hashtag, and no doubt-built anticipation and many views. People watched this commercial on their TV, and they still chose to watch it over 24 million more times on YouTube! They surely maximized their brand exposure from the Super Bowl promotion by adding the hashtag in, pushing it hard, and then putting the video on YouTube. The hashtag only has a brief cameo at the end. My suggestion would have been using it as a semi-translucent watermark in a corner. 

Go behind the scene:

You need to give your viewers their next click so that you’re not just a one-hit-wonder. You need to continue to push your viewers to engage with your brand story. Let’s say that you did click to view the next video. And what happens at the end of that video? The same thing! You get the same screen with links to more behind-the-scenes type content. For example, this is a winning formula from GoPro as they keep you digging deeper and deeper into their brand story.

youtube-channel-finalRun Contest:

For some social help pushing the video, there was a small contest going on. Viewers were given the chance to win a few things. For example, the videos of uncle Drew Get buckets, his video got 7 million views and made it last longer with this strategy. I thought y’all knew by now, but he still has to come back and remind you again and again

If you haven’t caught on by now, the key to great viral YouTube videos is having a plan for after the video is over. How are you going to keep those people engaged? How are you going to keep those people involved in your brand story? Have that plan ready before you even start shooting!

Viral YouTube videos don’t want to go viral

You read that right, viral YouTube videos are not concerned with going viral. When done right, they want to go beyond virality and build deeper brand engagement. A stoned kid coming back from the dentist can go viral. A brand wants to go into your list of Subscribed channels as they want more subscribers, it wants to take up your afternoon with their linked videos, it wants you to follow the brand on Twitter.

If you’re creating a video that you want to go viral you must have a plan for it going viral on social media. A hashtag plan, with a clear call to action in an easy to see the location, is vital with buying youtube views. Remember: No one goes viral on YouTube, YouTube videos go viral on social media!



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