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What Men Should Know About Underwear

What Men Should Know About Underwear
November 29
09:35 2021

You wouldn’t think there is a lot to know about men’s underwear – after all, don’t we just have to wash, wear and repeat? Well, we hate to break it to you but in 2021, there is a lot we need to know about men’s underwear.  Let’s break it down below.

Boxers vs briefs

Ah, the age-old debate – are boxers or briefs better for men’s underwear? 

To be perfectly honest, there is no right or wrong answer; it all comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer your boys to have a bit more breathing room with a boxer style, or you like the support briefs give, we don’t judge. All that matters is what you like and what you find most comfortable. 

However, what you can do is always make sure you have a few pairs of both on hand, readily available for what you need on that given day. For example, you might want a pair of boxers for when you’re having a lazy day around the house and then a pair of moisture-wicking, highly supportive briefs for when you’re going to be active and exercising. Variety after all, is the spice of life.

Material is very important

While boxers and briefs come down to personal preference, there’s one thing you should always choose in favour of the other – and that’s bamboo underwear.

Why? Bamboo underwear is by far the superior choice of material. Compared to cotton, bamboo underwear is insanely comfortable, odour-resistant and highly breathable. It also wicks away moisture, making sure your legs don’t chafe. Not to mention, the thermo control properties within bamboo also ensure your nether regions stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Bamboo is also a highly sustainable, eco friendly, and biodegradable fabric – a win for the environment.  There is simply no better material for men’s underwear.

Never go commando

While going commando may seem sexy, it really isn’t the best idea for your manhood. Going commando is almost always unhygienic, painful, and uncomfortable. Not to mention, it opens you up to all sorts of embarrassing situations throughout the day.

Just wear underwear, fellas. 

Men’s underwear should not be sentimental

The idea of a lucky pair of underwear is…outdated. Underwear is not lucky or sentimental. 

Wearing the same pair of underwear all the time just because so and so kissed you in them is very much outdated, not to mention unhygienic.  You should be discarding your underwear at the first sign of wear, tear or discoloration and upgrading each time. 

The final verdict

Now you know everything there is about men’s underwear – look for bamboo styles, consider your own personal comfort, never go commando and always upgrade. 

If you’re looking for our personal recommendation, we’d point to the guys over at UFM Underwear for Men. All of their styles of men’s underwear hit our points above AND perhaps the most exciting thing about their brand is their unique patented pouch technology – essentially an adjustable support pouch system for your manhood. There’s simply nothing else quite like it.



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