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Why in India Casinos Have Been Bashed from the Internet

Why in India Casinos Have Been Bashed from the Internet
May 13
10:34 2021

Gambling is not an alien concept in India. This has been around even before the country’s independence and there are a lot of writings about the same in the mythology as well. The same goes for casinos or local card games in the country. However, in recent times, the Government has come up with different laws to ban the game in the country. Having said that, the Central Government is yet to impose a proper regulation for online gambling in the country.

First things first, one must understand how Gambling and online gambling differs. Of course, the basic difference is the physical presence.

Online Gambling for casinos has more benefits compared to physical ones. Here, one can play any type of game they want. There are usual rooms where people cash in and play for real money and there are bonus rooms as well.

Usually, more people opt for bonus rooms as the entry is free and they do have a chance of winning real money. In some sites, the real money will be used only to enter the real contest in the usual rooms, and in some, one can win coupons or even real money. Though it might be little more than what one can win in usual rooms, considering the entry is free, one certainly will take it.

In the field of best online casino, one can pay through wallets and the money can be transferred to wallets. This makes the transaction quicker and hassle-free.

Recently, according to the Supreme court ruling in the country, the Gambling Act is framed to cover all aspects of the gambling business in India and the Government has banned the local casinos and if someone breaks the law, they will be punished accordingly. The highest punishment is prison as well as a fine. However, the Central Government is yet to come up with a law for online casinos and they are still available in most parts of the country.

In India, Gambling laws are controlled by the State Government as well. So, most of the states have their own laws and have banned casinos and other gambling games in the country.

In Punjab, the Government has recently announced that severe actions will be taken for gambling. This is due to the rising incidence of crime in the state. As most people like to make money, there are certain groups that take advantage of their desire and make use of the gambling facilities to make money. These things happen, especially in local casinos. So, the Government has announced that the people involved in the casinos will be punished based on the amount of money they earn.

Apart from Punjab, there are a few other states who have imposed a ban on Gambling as well as fantasy gaming. While Telangana was the earliest state to impose the ban, Tamil Nadu is the recent state to come up with new laws.

Tamil Nadu recently faced pressure from a court case where a local advocate filed a case against both casinos and fantasy sports in the country. His petition was about how addictive these games are and how it leads to suicide and other crimes in the state. He cited the example of a recent death that had happened during the IPL season where a boy ended his life after losing all his money in fantasy gaming.

Immediately, the Government had passed a bill. According to the new bill, Fantasy sports and gambling are illegal in the state. If a person breaks the law, he will be punished accordingly. For those who play the game, there will be a fine and for those who organize the game, there will be a hefty fine and he or she will be sent to jail as well.



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