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Why PDF is the Format of Choice for Businesses?

Why PDF is the Format of Choice for Businesses?
August 02
13:44 2021

PDF or Portable Document Format is a document format that was developed in the 90s by Adobe and since then, it has become one of the leading document formats especially in the business world where sending important information to maintain official records is required in a consistent format. Let’s have a look at Why PDF is the Format of Choice for Businesses: 

Universal File Format 

PDF file format is universal, meaning that it can be used hassle-free on any platform. Whether it is an Android device, iOS device, Mac device, or any other operating system, you needn’t worry about the OS because PDFs are easily accessible on any platform or Operating System. Another plus point for PDFs is that there are different PDF tools readily available such as Excel to PDF Converter or Word to PDF Converter that make it so easier to work with PDFs.

Smaller Size

There are other file formats available that have features much better than PDF but there is one thing that they don’t have and that is small size. PDF is known all over for its smaller size as compared to other formats and you can easily store a huge amount of information in PDF documents without increasing the size of the file significantly. This makes PDF the format of choice for saving a huge amount of information with a significantly smaller size.

Fixed Document Format

This is a problem faced by users who use MS Word documents. Whenever you share a Word document from one device to another then the format isn’t fixed, it changes. There is a complete change in the layout that causes huge confusion. When working with clients or presenting something then the format change can cause huge embarrassment and even leave a bad impression in front of clients. 

However, when you are using PDF then one thing is guaranteed and that is the document layout and format will stay exactly the same no matter where you lay it out.

Support for Non-Text Elements

Whether you want to add simple text elements, hyperlinks, or even non-text elements, PDF has got you covered. It is one of the few file formats that not only lets you add text elements but also non-text elements such as images, graphics, and animations into your document to make it visually more appealing. And all the elements of the documents, whether it is text, hyperlinks, images, or graphics, all stay the same no matter on which device or operating system you open it.



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